Sunset Boat Cruises in Panjim

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Panjim, also called Panaji online betting sites in india, is a city located in the betting sites in india district of Goa. There are many beautiful sights in this city, also known as the "Rome of the East." Its tourist attractions make the city famous to many Indian visa holders from all over the world .

Panjim is the home of Adil Shah Palace and Mahalaxmi Temple. It is also famous for its Diwali, Ganesh Chaturhi, Shimago and Carnival festivities. These are just some of the reasons why many visitors holding a visa for India opt to visit the lovely city of Panjim betting sites in india.

Getting to Panjim  online betting sites in india

To get to Panjim, you need to board a plane headed to the Dablolim International Airport in Goa. Should you alight at the New Delhi International Airport, you can catch a train headed to Madagon from the stations of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, or Chennai. There are also Panjim-headed buses with stations based at Karnataka, Pune, and Mumbai.

Panjim Sunset Boat Cruises  betting sites in india

A visit to Panjim is not complete without riding its famous sunset boat cruises.

Enjoy the view of the Mandovi waters, including the Baga Beach and the seven kilometer-long Dona Paula Bay, or the quaint Chorao Island by riding a Panjim boat cruise which departs before the sunset. Here, Indian visa holders can enjoy the lovely view of the waters, as they enjoy fine Indian food and ale.

Apart from the spectacular view and gastronomic delights, the Sunset Boat Cruises in Panjim also offer entertainment to foreigners holding a visa for India. In this cruise, you can expect a fine example of the traditional Goan music and dancing. The Caravela cruise, a floating casino, can be a delight to gamblers who wish to test their luck on the beautiful waters of Mandovi.

To ride a Panjim Sunset Boat Cruise, head to the Santa Monica Jetty and pick up a ticket, which costs about 120 rupees. The cruise, although short and quite crowded, can be a treat for your senses. For the best view, grab a front seat and enjoy the beauty of the Mandovi as the moon takes the sun's place betting sites in india.

Should you decide to pick up a visa for India and visit the Goan city of Panjim, you need to purchase boat cruise tickets in advance because slots run out quickly.




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