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Taking It To The Next Level

It is a surprise and an absolute pity that in a country like India, where cricket has such a mass following, the quality of the team is pedestrian and has consistently produced only mediocre results. With a few small changes, it need not remain that way cricket india
There are 2 broad scenarios that result in a country excelling in certain sports. One is a government sponsored approach to excelling in sports where people are picked out by the government at a young age, trained vigorously over a few years under a well structure and government funded program and then unleashed on the world stage to get good results. This is something that China has done very well. The other approach is when a sport becomes part of the culture, the masses enjoy playing it, there is a huge following and the fact that so many people play it increases the talent pool available. The best of them go on to represent the country with distinction. This is something that can be seen in football in countries like Brazil, Argentina, France, Italy etc. This scenario is far more enjoyable live cricket online. sustainable and also produces consistently good teams. But although cricket has captured the public imagination in India, the country has struggled to put together a quality talent pool and subsequently a top-draw team consistently for very many years now. Just 2 things done differently can change things for the better.

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1. Role of statistics
The game of cricket lends itself to great analysis by numbers. Starting with plain batting and bowling averages, the analysis can be extended to the performances in different grounds / countries, against different oppositions and at different stages of the game cricket india
What this means is that there is minimum need for any subjectivity when it comes to judging a player live cricket online
 The first step towards improvement therefore is to eliminate subjectivity and minimize or eliminate the weightage given to selectors' subjective calls cricket india
Implementation Mechanism: The process of objectivity has to start from the first level of the game. At the junior level, the idea is to get a large number of players to play and to track the performances of this large pool live cricket online
 This should be done all across the country and the only thing needed is a good computer programme and scorer & operator to capture all the details of the batting, bowling and fielding performances of each individual of each team. Out of this, the top X% of performers can be picked to go onto the next stage of representation and development. So, there could be a Basic level where anyone can enroll and play tournaments live cricket online
 To go to the next Level 2, the top 40% based on actual performance from the Basic level will be selected. Similarly, to go the Level 3, the top 40% from Level 2 based on performance will be selected and so on live cricket online.

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 This gradation and movement from one tier to the next could be a yearly or half-yearly process. This process ensures objective selection of players based on actual performance and not someone's judgment call cricket india
The current system (for age group and other selections) where a few selectors "see" a player perform for a few minutes in the nets or match and then decide whether he is to be selected is not fair and foolproof. Further, it is not unheard of for selectors to be paid or offered favors to select certain players. Once this happens, the quality of the pool available is immediately compromised and sub-standard players are the only ones who will move onto the next levels. Many observers of the game have pointed out to this being the biggest ill ailing Indian cricket today.
Bottom-line: Limit Selectors subjectivity and where possible, eliminate selectors! Use actual numbers every year to select top performers cricket india
2. Role of corporates
Corporates in India love cricket and rightly so too. The game has a lot of breaks which means plenty of opportunities for inserting ads, the game calls for and gets high involvement from the watchers and lastly, the game extends for a long duration which means it takes care of programming needs of the TV channels for a long time!
Since cricket is so important for corporates, it is in their own interest to ensure that the game continues to remain popular among the masses. This will happen only if the team does well. After all, how long can a team of losers hold the people's interest? If India continues to flounder in cricket, it won't be long before it goes the hockey way, where a once proud and unbeatable team is always losing and no one cares or expects anything better from them any more! An active role by corporates to ensure that the team is made strong and stays strong is beneficial for all concerned. Corporates can do this by backing youngsters and providing training and coaching facilities to young players. Even if one in a thousand that a corporate supports goes on to play for the country, the mileage that the corporate will get out of it is immense.



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