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C and Guess & Cricket - cricket betting for Fun!

If you had to guess about something just for the fun and for the goodies, why will you not take a chance to! The game C and Guess is all about fun. This is for the ones who are the die hard of cricket betting. While you are on the site to watch the live cricket betting scores, why not take a chance to bet. All you need to do is to get yourself registered with the login id and password and here you go to online cricket betting!

People who would love to watch cricket betting would also love to bet amongst their friends to add to the fun which is always there while watching the match. Now is your friend far away from you and you thought it would be fun to have a bet amongst the two of you about things like, which team may win the toss / who may be the winner of the match / who gets to take the maximum wickets in the match etc? Needless to worry because you now have "C & Guess " where you can register to bet between the matches. The question is asked while the match is going on and you will be given a specified time within which you can choose your answers. All you need to do is to predict what may happen next and all that we do is to award the top scorer. This is a very interesting and a lively game which is loved by all as it is filled with fun, enthusiasm, and eagerness to know what may happen next to see what you just predicted was right online cricket betting.

If you ever wished to watch the game from the stadium or get the feel of watching the match from the stadium, and if that was not possible since you may have to be at work then you definitely should not be disappointed. While the game is on at the stadium, your game is on on your PC. So take part in the game to feel the difference online cricket betting.

The main rule that needs to be followed in the game is very simple. Player should register before playing the game, and email address should be used as a login id. Each question will have a time frame and once after the time, the user will not be able to choose the answer. Every question will carry points and the highest scorer will earn the gifts online cricket betting.



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