Profits and Pitfalls of Working with India

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The experiences of the technology companies in the last few years who failed to navigate the rapid changes brought about in their marketplace by disruptive flattening forces may be a warning to all the businesses, institutions that are now facing these inevitable, even predictable, changes but lack the leadership, flexibility, and imagination to adapt - not because they are not smart or aware, but because the speed of change is simply overwhelming them betting sites in india.

The Internet now makes this whole world like one marketplace. This infrastructure is not only going to facilitate sourcing of work to the best price, best quality, from the best place, it is also going to enable a great amount of sharing of practices and knowledge, and it's going to be 'I can learn from you and you can learn from me' like never before. It's very good for the world. And India has emerged as back office hub for all kinds of services for the world betting sites in india.

Two thirds of Fortune 500 companies have setup offices in India for this reason. Most think of its 300 million-strong well-educated and ready-to-spend-more middleclass as an opportunity of our times. It's a market to capture, and a talent pool to tap into online betting sites in india. Big multinationals are moving forward in that direction and it gives them a competitive edge. A competitive edge you wish you had.

Well, it's finally time to compete with the global leaders. Time has come for every business to benefit from a new trend in global economy. Partnering with India. The global economy is going to drive more integration (of India into it) and integration is going to drive the global economy.

PROFITS online betting sites in india:

Let's begin with why it makes sense to work with betting sites in india


It used to be that work would go wherever cheapest labor is available. That is not the case with India. Sure, it's cheaper than here but not the cheapest. More and more work is going to India because it provides good quality services at competitive rates. Thanks to the dot-com-bust, more and more companies in India are learning that quality brings return business. And there are plenty of clients who would outsource every aspect of their business that can be done remotely online betting sites in india. Vast English speaking population sees outsourced jobs as gateway to better life. They come to work every day (and night to synchronize with us here) with such enthusiasm not seen for that type of work and reward anywhere else.

The drive for quality also brings Indians to US companies for products and services for their needs. If Dell, GM, Microsoft, and Citibank have benefited over past several years, I bet you will find clients keenly interested in your expertise now betting sites in india.



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